Hand Crafted to Meet our Exacting Dainite Standards

“Traditional” maybe, but not stuck in the past!

Dainite recognises that shoe and boot fashions change, you may have a conventional upper or a more modern painted design. The development of new colour ranges continues apace to allow the designer a choice of colours of sole to either complement or provide a contrast to achieve a confident design.

The colour swatches above show the standard colours available. We are always happy to work with shoe designers to create bespoke sole and heel colours for volume manufacture to compliment upper designs and colours.

Dainite Brick Red Studded Sole Dainite Chestnut Brown Studded Sole Dainite Black Studded Sole Dainite Olive Green Studded Sole Dainite Dark Brown Studded Sole Dainite Oxford Blue Studded Sole Dainite Royal Blue Studded Sole
Brick Red
Chestnut Brown
Olive Green
Dark Brown
Oxford Blue
Royal Blue

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