The Dainite Calendar Image For August 2021

Our customer Viberg is celebrating their 90th anniversary this year. The boot featured is a Service Boot with our signature Dainite Ridgeway sole and heel. Viberg Ridgeway soled boots can be seen here and boots with Dainite Studded here. Read More

SATRA Gold Members

Bringing Home The Gold…

It is with great pride that we can now announce our new ‘Gold Member’ status with SATRA. As well as it being a huge achievement for the entire Dainite team, it also signifies our continued passion, professionalism and quality within our sector. SATRA added:… Read More

The Dainite Calendar Image For July 2021

The July image is the Edward Green Galway boot, a design which has been made since the 1930s. What better than to have paired it with a Dainite Studded sole which can also trace its beginnings back to the early 20th century. Click here… Read More

The Dainite Calendar Image For June 2021

The June calendar shows two styles from our USA customer Allen Edmonds based in Port Washington. The Patton cap-toe boot with Chromexcel upper is paired with a brick red Dainite studded sole and the McTavish Oxford brogue is paired with a Royal Blue Dainite studded… Read More

The Dainite Calendar Image For May 2021

The May calendar image was taken in Trickers factory in Northampton. Trickers are the longest established shoemaker in England and hold a Royal Warrant. To search their site for current ranges incorporating Dainite soles click the link. Read More

Welcoming The Re-Opening Of UK Retail

The UK retail sector is to reopen in April and for consumers looking to add premium quality shoes or boots soled with Dainite studded or Ridgeways to withstand April showers. Here are store locator links for some of our customers: Church’s Crocket and… Read More

The Dainite Calendar Image For March 2021

The use of Dainite soles isn’t of course only confined to UK footwear and many international makers incorporate Dainite into their designs and styles. Here we have a collection of shoes made by our long standing customer Regal of Japan. You can learn more about… Read More

Dainite Launched On Social Media!

We are delighted to announce that this month Dainite launched on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Please visit our accounts and follow Dainite for the latest on premium quality rubber soled footwear. Follow our accounts here Facebook Twitter LinkedIn… Read More

Dainite studded soles

The Dainite Calendar Image For February 2021

As we leave the UK’s January snow behind, here is our February calendar image. This is the Barker ‘Station’ – a Black Alpine Grain, from their 140th Anniversary Archive Collection, nicely paired with an olive green studded sole. Here is a link to the… Read More